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Below is some information about us, we will use our experiences in our careers to write our articles.  We hope you find the information helpful!  We have also included a list of categories we will be covering this season!  The blog will be updated once a week so check beck or simply suscribe and the articles will be sent directly to your email as they are posted! Check it out NOW!!

About Us...

My Name is Brooke Wall, I am the Vice President of all sales for GH Pin Co.  We put together our Blog page in order to share experience/advice with others who may be experiencing things we have gone through in our careers.  We will continue to publish helpful articles on different aspects of playing a sport whether it be pitching, mental toughness, staying focused, handling recruiting, etc. We hope you find these articles helpful.  We invite you to leave comments and please feel free to ask us any questions in the comment area of the blog.  Below I have listed some of my accomplishments, I have pitched for 17 years and I would love to share some advice with my customers...

* Share the same pitching techniques as Lisa Fernandez (we both attened the same pitching coach) coached by Ernie Parker and Don Sarno

* ASA National Champion

* ASA Nationals TOP 5 (4 times)

* All State Mater Dei High School, California

* Division 1 Champions Mater Dei High School, California

* Top Recruit (recruited by 100+ colleges)

* Starting Pitcher Pac-10 Division 1 School

* High School Pitching Coach (Poly High School, CA)

* Pitching/Hitting Coach (private lessons/clinics)

Scroll down to see the intoduction as to what are some of the topics we will be covering...our first article is Mental Toughness...interesting stuff!!

Topics we will cover...

Welcome to the GH Pin Co Psychology of Pitching. Over the weeks this blog will discuss the subtopics listed below with the goal of helping young players and their families progress towards their pitching goals as quickly as possible. We want to help prepare the pitcher (boy or girl) to perform at their highest level of ability while still having fun. 


1) A pitcher's number one asset, mental toughness

2) Picking a teacher

3) Parental pressure

4) Warm up and warm downs

5) Practice boredom, family conflict part one 

6) Practice boredom, family conflict part two

7) Practice boredom, family conflict part three

8) Exercise scheduling

9) Equipment, safety, radar guns

10) Incentives

11) Weather and heat control

12) Moving an Umpires strike zone

13) Working an umpire

14) Fan reactions, bad calls and handling a loss

15) Comparing records

16) Travel and club teams vs school teams

17) Expectations and scholarships


1) What makes a pin a "good trader"

2) What is the difference between the different types of pins?

3) How to design the perfect pin

4) How pins are made?

more to come...

We hope to see you drop by often, play ball GH Pin Co Inc