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Pin Accessories (Extras)

Order your PIN ACCESSORIES today, jazz it up!!!

It is our goal here at GH Pin Co. to create and produce the most tradable pin for you, a pin that really represents your team and you are proud to show off.  The features below are just a few ideas on how to really jazz up your trading pin.  Anything you can imagine we can create, if you do not see an idea below that sparks your fancy just contact us and we can make it happen!  Get your FREE QUOTE today!



GLITTER PINS make it Sparkle!! 

Glitter pins are a great way to really spice up your trading pin without alot of extra money invested.  We have hundreds of colors to choose from, just click on our glitter chart (see below). If you don't see your color just ask because most likley, we have it.  We have neons, metallics, crazy pinks and much more!  WE LOVE GLITTER!!!  Get your GLITTER FREE QUOTE now!

      Glitter Trading PinGlitter Trading PinGlitter Trading PinGlitter Trading Pin



Order your Dangle Pins NOW!!! 

Dangles are a great way to transform a simple trading pin into something extra special.  We have many stock dangles to choose from that are cost effective (see chart, click below).  Our stock dangles include bats, stars, gloves, hats, and lots more!  We can also create a custom dangle just for you...something unique and special for your team.  Get your DANGLE FREE QUOTE now!

Dangle Trading PinDangle Trading PinDangle Trading PinDangle Trading Pin



Order your SLIDER Pins Now!

Sliders are such a great way to make your trading pin "in demand"!!!  Sliders are basically a smaller pin that moves across the surface of a larger pin.  Sliders are always custom pieces and really make for a stand out trading pin! For example, on this design the roller coaster actually slides down the pin. Get your SLIDER FREE QUOTE Today!!!

                                Slider Trading PinSlider Trading Pin



 Order your SPINNER Pins and ROCKER Pins Today!!!

Spinners and Rockers really give you some tradinig power!  Spinners are small pins that spin on top of larger pins.  Rockers are similiar to spinners but do not spin in a full circle but "rock" back and forth. For example on the image below the elephants face is a separate piece that spins. Get your SPINNER/ROCKER FREE QUOTE now!

                       Spinner Trading Pin              

     On this example the Rams hand is a rocker (you wouldn't want his hand spinning in a circle). 

                                     Rocker Baseball PinRocker Baseball Pin


Order your BLINKER PINS now!

We introduced light-up pins to youth sports back in the 80's so we definitly love them!!!  Blinkie trading pins come in red, yellow, and green.  You can combine an order of regular pins with blinker pins and get bulk pricing (for example, each player can order say 25 pins and then 10 blinkers) so you can really save money without jeopardizing your trading power!!!  Get your BLINKER FREE QUOTE now!

                                      Blinker Trading PinBlinker Trading Pin


 Order your RHINESTONE Pins now!!!

Rhinestone pins are really a "jewel"!!!  These stones are great to jazz up your trading pin without compromising your budget.  The stones come in all shades that normal jewels come in (diamond, sapphire, ruby, etc.).  We use only the very best Swarvoski stones and they are available in many sizes!!!  Get your RHINESTONE FREE QUOTE today!

                                      Rhinestone Trading Pin    Rhinestone Trading Pin



Order your PUZZLE Pins today! 

Puzzle trading pins are an awesome way for many teams in an organization to combine their order.  Plus, in creating a puzzle pin you are enhancing the trading value of the pins. The teams you are trading with now have to collect all the pin pieces in order to complete the puzzle and see the full design.  You have created a collector series at your tournament.  FUN!!!  Get your PUZZLE FREE QUOTE now!!!

                              Puzzle Trading Pins                        

                       Puzzle Trading Pins


Order your BOBBLE Pins Now!!! 

Bobble trading Pins are very unique and create alot of buzz!!!  A bobble pin is a smaller pin on top of a spring attached to another pin. It bobbles, wobbles, wiggles, and jiggles!  In the design below, her head is a bobble piece.  Get your BOBBLE FREE QUOTE now!

                        Bobble Trading Pins


Order your Cut-Out Pins Today! 

We are known for our cut-outs, we have mastered this technique!!! Cut-out trading pins are just like they sound, basically an area of the pin is "cut-out" and you can see through that part of the pin.  This effect takes a simple pin and turns it into something "hot"!!! Get your CUT-OUT FREE QUOTE now!

                      Cut Out Trading PinsCut Out Trading PinsCut Out Trading Pins


Order your OVERPRINTED Pins now! 

Teams often ask us if they can combine orders with other age groups in their organization while still making the trading pin unique to their team. The answer is YES!!!  We overprint each age group (12U, 14U, etc.) on the design.  We can also add different players numbers and or names!  A great way to save some serious $$$ Get your OVERPRINT FREE QUOTE today!

                      Overrprinted Trading Pins