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Colors:Colors are approximate and may vary between monitors. Therefore colors on the pin may slightly differ from those you see in the design emailed to you. By agreeing you are giving your approval to start production on this order. You are stating that you have thoroughly checked and reviewed the proof, ensuring that the art is free of errors and ready for production.

Trademarks: It is assumed that customers have the rights of usage on all trademarked and/or copyrighted logos and designs sent to us for reproduction. We will assume no liability in any trademark or copyright infringement disputes. The purchaser agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against us including PATENT or COPYRIGHT Infringements.

Shipping Your Product: Its our goal to have your product delivered to you on or before the date you need it. However, we cannot guarantee our deliveries nor be held responsible for delays in shipping which are beyond our control. Delays such as inaccurate/undeliverable address information, U.S./Foreign Customs procedures, the incorrect routing of your package by UPS, or the unavailability of the addressee, may effect your shipping time. All of our boxes are packed in a way that protects and secures the pins from damage, with this being said we are not responsible for any damage done to the boxes and merchandise due to the treatment of UPS service workers. All sales are final. Due to the custom nature of the products we manufacture, all sales are final. Once an order has been placed, you have 24 hours to cancel your order for any reason without penalty. There will be NO cancelations after 24 hours, after 24 hours your order is assumed complete and the remaining balance will be due. We do not issue refunds or give credits. If one of the products we manufacture is found to be defective, we will gladly replace it (at no additional charge to you, assuming their is enough time to meet your deadline). We may ask you to return the defective merchandise. We also require that you submit your written claim of defective product to us within 20 days of receipt.

 Disclaimer of Warranty:In the event that a legal dispute arises, it is agreed that the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for such a dispute is La Palma, California, USA., and that the prevailing party is entitled to an award of reasonable attorney's fees before trial or hearing, during trial or hearing, after trial or hearing, and/or appeal. Should GH Pins. be named in a copyright/trademark infringement lawsuit arising out of GH Pins. use of a copyright/trademark protected item provided by you for use in your product, you agree to indemnify GH Pins. for any damages and/or litigation-related expenses borne by GH Pins  All of the products displayed on this web site containing corporate logos or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate the reproduction capabilities of GH Pins. Purchase of merchandise from GH Pins in no way, shape or form grants you permission to reproduce logos, nor does it transfer, grant or lease ownership of any logos or trademarks to you. Now go trade those PINS!!!!!!!!!

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