Pin Types


Soft Enamel pins are created using a metal reverse die of the design and stamping it into a sheet of metal, it is then polished, plated and hand painted. They may be epoxy coated. This type of pin is very "rich" looking because of its thickness and weight. On these pins all colored areas are surrounded by a gold, silver, or black metal line so the pin has a real "metally" look in comparison to off-set printed pins. 


​Off-Set Printed pins (sometimes referred to as photoscreen or silkscreen) are created using layers of paint that are pressed through screens one color at a time, when the colors have been applied a protective coating is the applied to protect the pin from scratching or fading. Off-Set printed pins are great for small detail, and gradating of colors (screens allow colors to "bleed") so you can get cool fire effect or shading like some of the examples shown above. These pins are thinner and lighter than the soft enamel pins but also more cost effective in larger sizes and quantities! Great option for trading!!

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